About Susie O's

Susie O’s Handbags bring a unique collection of bags with benefits to discerning women with an eye for good taste. Specially curated from established and emerging luxury boutique designers, Susie O. enjoys finding the right handbag to fit your flair, providing a personalized concierge experience that you can’t find anywhere else. Nothing is more stylish than giving back, so whether you are shopping on or offline, a portion of all sales is donated to charitable organizations across the country.

With a corporate background in fashion from Gap, Inc. and a handbag full of experience under her belt, Susie decided to make her own mark on the industry. Upon moving to one of the fashion capitals of the country, Los Angeles, and after starting her own family, Susie was inspired to create her own children’s line. But that was only the beginning. A few years later while Susie was in a showroom downtown, she met someone with a great bag, and we mean a GREAT bag.  Knowing good style when she saw it, Susie started a conversation that hours later landed her on the 10th floor of a LA skyscraper with 14 new handbags to her name and an exciting business opportunity.

And the rest, as they say, is handbag history.