TX Conf 4 Women: Girls Empowered Network [GEN] Austin

Bags with Benefits: Who Benefits

Hello fabulous ladies of Austin and beyond!

We are really excited to inform you that a percentage of each sale will go directly to GEN Austin, otherwise known as: 

Girls Empowerment Network


For Every bag that we sell during this convention, we will donate a percent to GEN Austin. Women supporting future women is what it's really all about, right? 


I feel self esteem is a critical piece to how you view yourself and the world.  As a woman business owner and a mother, I know I have found the value in teaching my daughter about self worth - and it's not always easy! Which is why I felt so drawn to GEN Austin when I first learned about it. Providing a safe space for girls to 💜  

We are happy to offer our support to GEN Austin enabling these young girls to meet their full potential.



Their Mission:

We lead with infectious passion. We role model our Six Cs (collaboration, communication, confidence, coping skills, creativity and critical thinking).


A Little History

Originally called The Ophelia Project, the Girls Empowerment Network was created in 1996 by 12 concerned mothers raising adolescent girls in Austin, Texas. These mothers met after reading Reviving Ophelia, a book by Dr. Mary Pipher, to address an increasing trend among middle school aged girls – a systematic decline and sometimes permanent loss of self-esteem, the outcome of which can be devastating: epidemic levels of anorexia/bulimia, self-mutilation, depression, low academic achievement, teen pregnancy, and drug abuse.