Lottie Saddle Crossbody | Black


orYANY’s best-selling product.
This saddle bag has a round logo symbolizing orYANY as a point.
Comes with 2 straps that convert into a hip sack, sling-bag, and crossbody bag.
Secondary plating processing instead ordinary gloss makes the charm surface illuminate in a subtle and luxurious way. to mention light weight!

Features & Details

  • Material: Cow Leather
  • Dimensions: 8.7*5.5*2.8 in
  • Strap Length: 44.1-48.8 in (Weaving 28-43.7 in)

Susie’s Insight:


I love her clean style! The strap options give you so many different looks to work with countless outfits and occasions!